Pro-Tips for Follow Up After Attending a Conference

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A few weeks ago I attended a 2-day leadership conference called the Global Leadership Summit. It was a content rich, dynamic two days with 15 different presenters including Bear Grylls (Adventurer; Writer; TV Host), Patrick Lencioni (Best-Selling Author; Founder, The Table Group), Chris Voss (Former FBI Hostage Negotiator; CEO & Founder, The Black Swan Group), and many others.

It was an awesome experience. So much information and ideas to process!

A number of colleagues and other professionals attended with me and I wanted to encourage them to continue to integrate the content they received by applying the following Pro-Tips (from my experience) on how to do that.

These Five Tips can be applied to any intensive leadership conference or event to aid your learning and integration.

TIP 1.       Right now, as soon as you read this tip, schedule 30-60 minutes in your calendar in the next 2 weeks, where you can look over your notes the conference or leadership event.

TIP 2.       During that 30-60 minutes, reread your notes. While doing that, using a highlighter, mark the key sentences or items you wrote down. Then look over those highlights and make a list of the the key items related to: (a) Aspects you felt you could immediately apply; (b) Topics you would want to learn more about; (c) Specific ideas or topics that you could share with a friend or coworker whom you think would benefit.

TIP 3.       From the above list, choose 1-3 actions you can work at in the next month and make a simple plan by putting them into your calendar. If you need more time to think that through, schedule another 30-60 minutes of time in the next few days to make this plan.

TIP 4.       Carry out your plan!

TIP 5.       Bonus Ideas:

Keep Learning, Keep Leading!

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