A few years ago, I created a series of “Character Conversations” around the four Cardinal virtues. When my kids were 12, I would take them for breakfast once per month and go through these outlines to form them in character and have them think about the virtues more.

Each “Conversation” includes a simple definition of the virtue for a 12 year old, a more extended explanation from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a section on Habits related to the virtue with a mnemonic to help remember them, two simple applications to do over the month, and a Bible verse to look up to illustrate the virtue. As we ate, I would fill out each section further by giving examples, asking them for examples, taking turns reading, and making it conversational. Usually we met once a month for about an hour over a meal. After the first meeting, we would open the subsequent meetings by quizzing on the previous month’s virtue.

I found these sheets helped put the virtues in a relatable manner for my 12 year olds and got them engaged in growing in virtue. Perhaps you might find elements inspiring or useful.


Download or view “Character Conversations”

Character Conversations PDF
Character Conversations PDF


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