Outline of discussion:

1. Review from last month:

– Mid-Point Pop Quiz
– Paradigms of Interdependence: What does this mean?

– 4th Generation Planning; Time Audit Challenge: How did this go? 

2. Watch Next 2 Videos on Foundation Principles:

– Principles Govern: 
– Paradigms: Not found online. 

3. Summarize and Share:

– Look at this chapter content only – ask 1 person to summarize chapter (not application, just content), invite group to fill in clarify any gaps.
– Open Group Discussion: What struck you? Why?

4. Application:

– Emotional Bank Account Inventory: Emotional Bank Account Exercise.
– Five Dimensions of Win-Win: Focus on Win-Win Agreements


5. Final Closing:

– Homework: Use Creating Win-Win Agreements Checklist – DR. GRAC meets RACI
– Read next chapter

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